Financial assessments are a way for us to understand your financial situation.

We use them to calculate -

  • whether you qualify to receive any money from us towards your care costs
  • how much, if any, you can afford to contribute yourself

You don’t have to be assessed if you are a self-funder. This is someone who pays for 100% of their care and support costs, including any services received from us. This is usually a long-term arrangement.

The Adult Social Care (ASC) Financial Assessment Team is responsible for assessing service users for their contribution towards their adult social care and support services.

Adult Social Care is not free, some people may be asked to pay the full cost of their care whereas many others pay a contribution towards them and then the council pays the remainder. To work out your contribution a Financial Assessment is carried out.

The type of financial assessment you’ll have, and the information you’ll need to supply to us, depends on whether you’ll be receiving care at home or in a residential home. There are 4 different types of assessments -

  • Living at home financial assessment - You’ll have this if your care and support plan details that you will receive care while living in your own home
  • Respite stay in a care home - You’ll have this if you need to stay in a care home for a short time, for example, while your carer is taking a break or you are recovering from a hospital stay
  • Temporary stay in a care home - You’ll have this if you need to stay in a care home on a temporary basis and you have used up any respite stay allowance you have allocated within your care plan
  • Long term stay in a care home - You'll have this financial assessment if you are moving into a residential care or nursing home on a long-term basis

Change in circumstances

The Financial Assessment will be reviewed annually, however, if there are any changes in your financial circumstances you must inform the Financial Assessment Team of the dates and details of the change as soon as possible by using one of the methods below -

To inform us of a death please email stating the date of death and including the full names and addresses of the deceased and the next of kin.

If you disagree with your financial assessment

If you disagree with your financial assessment please email with full details of why you disagree with the assessment and provide any additional evidence. 

Cancelling your care

If you no longer wish to receive care and support services telephone -

Paying for Care handbook

This handbook explains how you can apply for a financial assessment to help you pay for the care and support you receive from the council.

Download the handbook