Care homes

Before you consider a care home

Care homes offer accommodation for people who may not be able to live independently. Some care homes offer care from qualified nurses or specialise in supporting people with specific needs such as people with a learning disability.

Before considering a care home, consider what options may be available to help you to remain living in your own home. These options could include equipment and adaptions, support with obtaining a meal, cleaning, gardening or help with personal care such as washing.

Find a Care home in Hull

For some people, a care home might be the appropriate choice. There are two categories of care home: Residential homes provide accommodation, meals and personal care (such as help with washing and eating). Nursing homes also have registered nurses who can provide care for more complex health needs.

Care Quality Commission (CQC)

In order for a care home to legally operate in the United Kingdom, they must be registered with the Care Quality Commission. The CQC will make regular inspections and monitor the progress of each care home to ensure that they are meeting the needs of the people who live there.

The CQC will then publish a report and give an overall score for the Care home -

  • outstanding
  • good
  • requires improvement
  • inadequate

Deferred Payment Scheme

If you need to sell the property in order to pay for your care home, we will help you pay for the cost of the care until the property is sold. While the property is up for sale you may be able to enter into a Deferred Payment Agreement with the Council. This means that we will pay for a portion of the care but claim the money back when the property is eventually sold.

You may also be able to enter into a Deferred Payment Agreement if you need to hold off selling your property.