Professional zone for those working in the care sector

Hull's Adult Social Care is committed to developing an excellent standard of care for Hull’s residents that ensures equality in service delivery and employment and that all people are treated with fairness, dignity and respect. As such, we expect all professionals to share in our commitment and we recognise our responsibility to support our partners to help them achieve this.

In this section you will find information and resources for professionals working in the care sector in Hull in order to support them to provide the highest standard of care and support possible.

Adult Social Care Resources

All Adult Social Care Policies, Practices and Procedures can be found on the Hull APPP resource website.

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Support for providers

The Adults Provider Portal acts as an online portal for providers that deal with the Hull City Council Adults local authority. It is a means to view and interact with contract and service delivery information, directly with the local authority.

Access the Adults Provider Portal


Across Hull there are a number of partnerships and boards that meet to support and develop information, services and practice, with and behalf of local people.