Personal budgets

If you have been assessed by us as being eligible for ongoing care and support, the Council will set a personal budget for you.

A personal budget is the sum of money the council has worked out that you require to meet your care and support needs. The personal budget is to pay for your care and support needs each week.

A social care worker will talk with you about how the personal budget can be used and this will be set out in your care and support plan.

How you will receive your personal budget

There are three ways that you can choose to receive a personal budget -

  • an arranged service
  • a direct payment
  • an individual service fund (ISF)

Or you can have a mix of ways – for example, the council could organise some support for you and you arrange some support yourself.

Arranged service

This is when the council manages your personal budget on your behalf and arranges your care services for you. This may include purchasing services from a local care agency or providing support at a day centre.

If you would like further information on this option then please speak to your social care worker.

Other information and advice

Age UK - Information about personal budgets and direct payments

Daughter explaining elderly mother how using smartphone

Am I eligible for a personal budget or direct payments

To find out if you are eligible for a personal budget or direct payments, you first need to request a care needs assessment.

Fill out an online care needs assessment form