You can register with the Hull Carers Information and Support service if you are aged 18 years or over and support a loved one, family member or friend who could not otherwise manage without help and who lives within the Hull Local Authority city boundary or has a GP in Hull.

Carers and their families can at times feel isolated and lonely. Help is on hand with one-to-one guidance, support with education, employment and training and signposting for health support for carers.

Please also be aware that -

  • any of your family and friends are able to access their own support which is separate from yours
  • you do not need to be caring for a certain amount of hours to access our information and support
  • you do not need to be the "main carer" to access our information and support

You can complete this form for yourself or on behalf of someone else i.e. if you are a Carer, Relative or Friend.