If you care for someone who is elderly, frail, disabled or ill, you are entitled to an assessment to identify any support services that you need. This assessment is available regardless of the hours and type of support you give and is not means tested.

The person you care for does not need to have completed a care needs assessment for you to be eligible for support in your own right. You can take the assessment even if the person you care for has been turned down for care and support.

The assessment is not a test of how you perform as a carer and is not something you need to worry about. It's the start of a conversation to help you find the support available to help you in your caring role.

What do I need to do

The easiest way to get started is to complete the online form.

You can contact the Carers Information and Support Service by -

Carers’ Information and Support Service
The Calvert Centre
110A Calvert Lane

They can arrange to meet you in your home or community.

What will I be asked in an assessment

The assessment asks questions about how your caring responsibilities affect your wellbeing in different areas of your life.

When preparing for a Carer's Needs Assessment it is important to consider the following -

  • the effect of caring on your emotional wellbeing
  • whether your health is affected in any way by caring
  • whether you are able to get out and about
  • whether caring allows you any time for yourself
  • any effect of caring on your other relationships or responsibilities
  • whether you want or need information about benefits
  • whether you are worried you may have to give up work or education
  • whether the person you care for is getting enough help and the right kind of help
  • what your goals and aspirations are outside of caring
  • any cultural, spiritual, lifestyle or other needs you may have

What happens next

After completing the online form CISS will get in touch. They may ask you for further information, or to clarify your answers. This will be over the telephone or face to face. The answers you give will determine how CISS and Adult Social Care can help you with your caring responsibilities.

If your caring responsibilities change at any time, you are able to repeat the assessment process.